Fated Light ~FINAL NIGHT~

Note: Brett is lame for letting this blog die again. SURPRISE!! -jumps out of a cake with confetti and frosting-

You know what I miss? Epic J-Pop. I don’t know about anyone else- well, I do, actually. But seriously. We have Ayu, for example. What on earth is even happening? A HOLE LOT OF NOTHING (‘Hole’ used intentionally). Another one- Hitomi Shimatani. Those ladies are my QUEENS but apparently they don’t care enough to keep releasing music like Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- and RULE/Sparkle. And hey, it’s not just the soloists. Groups like AAA all seem to be slumping too, and letting idol groups like AKBForty-no take all the glory and spotlights. Just my opinion…But I’m pretty sure we can all agree.

Now then, what do these music artists all have in common? Oh, I don’t know, a big dinosaur called AVEX ENTERTAINMENT. Really, what is going on? They used to be a power-house, and now they’re more of an iron-grip sort of thing. I honestly think they could take a page out of Korea’s book and open their industry up a bit more. Avex really restricts things. I understand, but I think it’s a bit counter-intuitive. I’m no more compelled to BUY their stuff than I was before. In fact, I might even be LESS compelled. 

I don’t know, folks, but hopefully things start to look up again soon. I’ve always heard it said that things get really bad before they get any better…I’m just disappointed!!

To anyone who remembers the last poll I did on this blog, here’s the results:

How many do you want in an idol group?

Answer Votes Percent
4-5 (Traditional number, perfect for choreography) 5 83%
1 (Soloists rule, groups suck) 1 17%
2-3 (Plenty of lines plus I know all their names ^_^) 0 0%
6-7 (Eyecandy, ’nuff said) 0 0%
8+ (F**k names, fantasy shipping ftw) 0 0%

Can’t lie, knew people would like 4-5, it just plain works. Still, who’s the one guy who said groups sucked? Anyways, I got another poll set up above so try it out.

This could also apply to J-pop and K-pop. Anyone out there seen some good defenses for today’s music? If so, post the link in the comments.

Let’s face it, idols are running Asia and as far as K-idols are concerned, it’s only a matter of dreaming time until they take over the US. So tell me how many idols you think a group needs/works well with. Also, the results of the previous poll:

Whose marriage is gonna last the longest?

Answer Votes Percent
Kumi Koda/KENJI03 10 67%
Meisa Kuroki/Jin Akanishi 2 13%
Ayu’s surprise second marriage 2 13%
Tie 1 7%

So apparently Ayu’s fans are still holding on to hope that she will find love lol. On the plus side, people believe Kumi will make her marriage work. I guess the kid will be the clamp that keeps Kuu and Ken together. Hey! don’t forget that Jin’s new album JAPONICA comes out March 7 (March 6 in the states) and his tour starts three days later. Even if you don’t like the guy, help him out. * crosses fingers hoping more J-music acts follow his lead*

Japanese blog, I know. But it’s what is on my mind now, and I need to make another post.

Block B and 2PM drama, anyone? It’s going to blow over preeeettty soon. It’s not worth it. Yes, we all know Block B made a cultural faux pas. Yes, Nichkhun made some comments he shouldn’t have, and now the so-called “fan-bases” are at “war”. I’m not in either fanbase. I listen to the music. I do not associate with ANY K-Pop OR J-Pop fanbases. But this is ridiculous!!

The ONLY reason this has gone on as long as it has is BECAUSE of the fanbases.  This goes for all fans of ANY Asian music culture!! Don’t make the drama any worse than  it is! Yes! We all are VERY AWARE that you hate this group and support that group. Good for you. Have you made any money on those proclamations yet? Are YOU famous? Shut your mouths. It’ll blow over. In a few days, it’ll be something new and you’ll all have forgotten about this whole thing.

Don’t forget. You all  make mistakes, too. Feel grateful they don’t get blown out of proportion by the masses. How would that make YOU feel? And don’t give out some BS like “Oh, well, I wouldn’t pull that kind of stunt!” Lies. You may not do THAT, but there would be other things. No one’s perfect. Shut your mouths, sit down, and eat your food like a good music fan. We know you love your group.

~Le Fiery One

The more you sing this song, the more you’ll believe it applies to you. Change the lyrics if you have to.

Sad but true.

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